We are aware of the hectic everyday life in which we live. Forget about time in the pleasant and elegant ambiance of our salon and reshape your look with a modern hairstyle that will attract people's attention.


Our team of professionals will fulfill your every request. In consultation with you, they will offer the best solution regarding the style of the hairstyle, and the choice of products, and will be at your disposal about all the details.


We constantly follow the trends to make your hairstyle unique. With a combination of experience and innovation, we will make sure that you are at the center of attention wherever you appear, be it a wedding, celebration, or business trip.

utisci frizerki salon na dedinju
“Lovely ladies, for beautiful, well-groomed, and well-cut hair, the quality of products used and the technical capabilities of a hairdresser may be enough, but what sets Salon apart from the competition is the sound energy between the hairdressers and the clients – that’s something I experienced when I first entered the Salon in 2017.
A beautifully decorated, neat, and modern space with a friendly, creative, and skillful team, to which I am happy to come back any time.! The fabulous girls, led by the impeccable Jovana, utilizing premium products, restored my hair in a short time!
By virtue of Salon Salon, I feel more beautiful and confident. A short tip for women: invest in your hair because when it’s healthy and cared for, there’s no reason to worry. With nice shoes – you’re ready for anything!”
Biljana Milošević


Our hair salon is located within the Salon Salon, on Mladen Stojanović Street. There are two numbers 4 on this street, so we don't advise you to follow Google Maps, as you will go to the wrong number. Our Salon Salon is located right next to the Post Office building.

Our working hours are from 7:30 am to 9 pm from Tuesday to Saturday. We work on Sundays and Mondays from 9 am to 5 pm.

Yes, our clients have secured parking in front of the Salon Salon.

Yes, it's possible.

If you are in an emergency, we will do our best to find an appointment for you.

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